“She is a jewel amongst many adrift the black sea of life. With impish sparkle, she teases with secrets of her existence.
Alluring, and close—so close—but she cannot be had.
She is a jewel amongst many, to be prized when in the grasp of man.”

In the later years of the 20th century, the groundwork for colonizing Mars inspired humanity, and the hope of one day living on the red planet flowed into the early years of the 21st century. However, man failed to realize that he still wallowed in a period of decadence. Such an aspiration of leaving one world for another was just a dream.

The veracity of forfeiting history and lessons of the past and the cupidity of capitalism that saturated humanity revealed itself. Man, having assassinated his own soul, had ruined his world. Out of sync with the natural order of life and even with the graces of God, man was doomed.

Still, the chance that Mars could give humanity a fresh start inspired hope; and with that, a dream sustained man.